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We made labour market research in Africa. We assess all African countries require 18 million new job places a year to stop poverty. 3 million appear in year-to-year scale, which implies 150 million more unemployed youth until 2030. Present population growth exceeding 2% a year makes governmental and corporate strategies of African labour market development less and less efficient (only in South Africa we've got 40% of official unemployment). Coronavirus-related lockdowns and limitations lead to enormous crisis regarding work for ordinary people. From up to 30% to uo to 60% of street vendors and hawkers providing FMCG goods go bankrupt now. We can change their future now.

Up to 600 million people live in houses without concrete floor in Africa. Houses are dusty, hard to clean, don't make inhabitants feeling like living stable life in psycho-cultural as well as economic prism. Poverty experienced by those people implies they use inefficient solutions like animal waste to cover the surface to limit dust inside house. Taking into account almost all cases of ebola outbreaks related to people living in houses without concrete floors, and coronavirus is transmittable via dusty air even 80% more than in easily cleanable rooms, it's obvious to boost African economy with this project after COVID-19.

Concrete Floor Africa transforms the way of countryside housing in Africa, improves health conditions of 600 million people living with poverty, prevents easy transmission of diseases via dusty air at home, boosts labour market by means of easy-to-implement processes, lets African construction SMEs and self-employed sole traders return to market operation once the COVID-19 pandemic has been called off, brings digitalisation of their services to MimiKazi platform (including online ordering and social ratings optimising services provided by them in accessibility and quality prism), improves efficiency of international funding in Africa, strengthens social relations in big populations, changes human life in fact.

3.5 billion square meter of soil floors in 87.5 million African houses require 26.25 million tones of cement and 2.1 billion hours of simple construction work for 374 thousand construction professionals. earning money for living of 1.87 million of their family members. Total 3-year cost of implementing concrete floors in all African countryside houses will be 8.66 billion USD, which can stop economic tsunami the COVID-19 is making in Africa right now. Innovative approach to future prevention of health-related problems implies first of all construction market boom in SME prism, which should be followed even by development of local trade.

Introducing the project in Kenya, as first African country moving from soil to concrete floors in countryside family houses, will boost GDP growth by up to 1.5% during next 3 years (incl. production and sales of household equipment). We've made first step towards it. Initial research and first concrete floor has already been implemented in Vihiga county. All the village, including local Pastor, came to celebrate big change. What's crucial, our project made all "chigoe fleas" never returning to live in soil floor. It means no more finger and toes amputations in realtion to children! In entire Africa over 50 thousand of SMEs in construction industry will survive present COVID-19 economic tsunami. Increase of SDG8 self-employment in construction industry will let 124 thousand professionals build, during 3 years of participating in project, local brand for their further business development. Risk of new health pandemics will decrease by 75% in rural Africa living in new conditions.

What's crucial, we've got our very young but very mature "East London Innovator" onboard - Miss Daria Kowlaska, who loves and takes care about future of Africa much. She is "Stork School" founder, United Nations' SDGs activist and just inspiring teenager: If you find our work the way we do, you can register your interest via email: roman.mazur (at)


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